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A Day in the Life

The best way to describe what patrolling is like would be to describe a typical day. Keep in mind that days can be very different and you never know what to expect. There are days where you do very little but ski and days where you are quite busy and have no time to ski at all. But here is a day in the life of a patroller.

7:30 am

Bob's day starts when he and his 15-year-old son Mike arrive at the mountain. They head into the cafeteria to sign in for the morning. Bob signs in, gets a voucher for Mike and they both sit down to have some breakfast. As they eat, other patrollers arrive. Everyone chats as they look forward to a day of skiing.

8:00 am

The patrol heads down to the patrol room for the morning briefing. This is where the patrol director updates everyone on the weather forecast, the condition of the mountain and runs, anything new everyone should be aware of or of things to pay attention to.


The photos would illustrate the text
8:30 am

The meeting ends, time to hit the mountain. The mountain doesn't open until 9:00 so Mike has to stay behind while Bob heads up to his assigned section. Bob rides the lift and checks in with the section chief or section 1. The section chief says that the signs have all been taken care of, but we need to check the perimeter and bump the tower pads. Because of all the snow we have been having the tower pads are too low and need to be raised.


8:45 am

Bob heads out to work on the perimeter. This means checking that all the poles are straight and solid in the snow. That the rope stretched between them is the right height with the right tension.


9:30 am

With the perimeter handled, Bob decides to take a few runs before tackling the tower pads. So, he hooks up with Mike and they ski some runs together.


10:00 am

Mike really wants to get out onto West Ridge for some challenging skiing so Bob starts to take him out there when the radio crackles with a call from dispatch. There is an injury just down the hill from Bob. Mike has really been looking forward to taking this run, but Bob can't do it, he has to respond to the call. Bob gets on the radio and let's his section chief know that he is right above the point and will take the call.


10:02 am

Bob arrives at the injury to find a


10:15 am

They load the patient in the toboggan and Bob takes him down to the first aid room. In the first aid room...


11:00 am

With the paperwork done and the patient packaged and on the way to the hospital, it is time to hit the slopes again. Being 11:00 Bob decides to go get the tower pads done before lunch so he heads up to the top to see who he can grab to help out. At the top...



Tower pads done, it is time for lunch.


1:00 pm Back to the slopes. Bob decides to find Mike to take him on that run he really wants to do.